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Jul. 27th, 2008

belgium, gent, Japan


Hagelstenen van 6 cm groot, alsof het ijsballen waren. Alles waar ze op neerkwamen maakte ze schade...en ook op mijn (nieuwe, 2 weken oud) auto. Het dak lijkt wel een poffertjes pan :(

Maandag de leasemaatschappij maar eens bellen...

Ook nog goed nieuws: tickets voor Curacau zijn geboekt!

Jun. 23rd, 2008

belgium, gent, Japan

Matt been dancing again!

Mef is at 3:20 at the left side, behind the 2nd person from the left! You better click on the movie to view it in high quality on the YT website :)

May. 26th, 2008

belgium, gent, Japan

Charlie 2!


May. 6th, 2008

belgium, gent, Japan

Leuven Guys Night!

Leuven people! Any idea when we'll arrange this? :)

Mar. 5th, 2008

belgium, gent, Japan



Feb. 28th, 2008

belgium, gent, Japan


From this terrible cave with armor pieces and moon pieces scattered across it!


Apr. 30th, 2007

belgium, gent, Japan


I just wanted to thank Pluizebol for the awesome BBQ (aka: Mefkeys his re-re-re-rescheduled birthday party :P ) this weekend. You're the best cook I know...and you rock in teaching how to bake apple-pie! *grin*


Apr. 24th, 2007

belgium, gent, Japan

Tag along!

I am coming to Leuven this saturday somewhere in the afternoon. Anyone fancy to join me and Stan for some pub/karaoke?

Apr. 17th, 2007

belgium, gent, Japan

The new job!

So this monday was the day, I was finally starting my new job. I am starting at Atos Origin, a large ICT company. What they do and such is kinda tough to explain in a simple blog, so I'll safe you that! My job title is Junior Oracle Consultant. It has various directions within the company. From consulting to programming to administrating a database system with either Oracle or Peoplesoft. The atmosphere is awesome. It's a very open enviorment, which means you can just walk up to someone and have a chat. Even the managers. It feels very welcome and relaxing. For now I am very much reading my way trough all the information they have online to decide which trainings I'll do and setup a schedule for myself.

I ended up coming in 15 minutes late on my first day. I blame all the other cars on the highway! No seriously, I usually avoid traffic jams. You hear the stories on the news and then your glad you are NOT on that 3 lane highway with 20KM traffic jam. I still wish I wasn't there, but I am. I guess nothing can be done against it.

It wasn't a big problem, happily. So the next day I figured I should be on time. I left even earlier then monday (6:50 AM), and I still managed to get in 15 minutes late...again. This time the traffic jams wasn't the cause! Finding a parking spot on the company terrain is harder then finding a parking spot in Amsterdam on a typical saturday afternoon. I arrived at half past eight (now that's on time!) and there simply wasn't any spot free! I drove back to some guy at the entrance and he told me I should park my car at the transferium. This is a huge parking spot at the suburbs of a city. People can park their car there and you can jump on a bus to get to your destination. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it and I took a wrong exit on the highway. Resulting on another 20 minutes of traffic jams. After I finally found it, I parked my car, jumped on the shuttle bus that drives the whole day and entered the office at 9:30 :(

Next to all of this, is that I practically don't have any time left for WoW. I pity it for a bit, but on the other hand, It's a part of my life I enjoyed a lot. I'll just switch to the casual player now and go whine on the official forums that the end-game content isnt' available for casuals! *grin*

So, I'll keep you guys updated!


Mar. 15th, 2007

belgium, gent, Japan

(no subject)

So I did this as well, sounds pretty right! :)

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